Planning the design of a Website is made easier - and will result in a far more effective site - by following a few simple steps as shown in the brief outline below.

Website Goal - The first step is to determine the goal of your Website. In other words, decide what it is you want your site to be/ do. This may be an entertaining or informational/ educational site, a store or simply a calling card to let people know who you are and what you do. It is essential to define this goal as clearly as possible, as it is your site's foundation and will affect all other decisions.

Features - Next, it is important to determine which features you want your site to include. Such features may, for instance, include:

Image gallery
Shopping cart, and so on

Structure - Having determined the goal and available features for the site, it is now time to begin mapping site sections and determining a hierarchy of priorities/ importance.

Content - Before going any further, you should now write the content for your site. This should be as relevant informative and detailed as possible to effectively drive your site.

Style - Your next step is to decide on an appropriate style for your site. This should be clean, fresh and meet your industry's requirements.

The Website is now ready to be created by using a site template; by building the site yourself or by hiring a professional designer. Once you have evaluated your finished site and are happy with its appearance and functionality, you can begin to promote it.

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