The vast majority of Websites are created for the purpose of attracting and ultimately selling a product or service, providing information, entertainment or whatever to end-users. This, of course, means that the end-user needs to be considered when creating the site. Here are some of the considerations to bear in mind when designing a Website.

End-user Needs - The design of a site must meet the needs of the intended end-user. Useless features/ widgets like weather applets or clocks should not be part of the design.

Brand Perception - How visitors perceive/ respond to a brand makes a difference between abandonment and trust - understanding visitors' views and remembering that they are important is vital.

Navigation/ Readability - Struggling to find something or the inability to decipher difficult fonts, etc, on a page frustrates visitors - meaning they will leave and not return.

Interaction - Giving visitors something to explore/ play with provides them with a memorable, positive experience they will want to return to. Interactive elements must, however, be relevant and useful - anything less will simply create barriers that may cause them to leave.

Updating - Websites should be updated with fresh content as often as possible. Checking statistics will highlight potentially damaging issues.

In short, giving visitors a positive experience and something worth remembering induces satisfaction and may ultimately lead to long-term relationships.

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