Changes in the way in which Google search engines work mean SEO - and subsequently
how content is presented - now has to be very different to how it used to be.

Once upon a time, it was enough to use a small set of target specific keywords, place a few
posts written by the cheapest writer you could find onto your Website and submit spin-offs of
it to dozens of directories in order to increase your traffic.

Today, this approach could be more harmful than helpful. To begin with, keywords now have
to be more diverse and should be chosen with conversions, rather than just traffic generation
in mind. Furthermore, high density of repetitive keywords may result in content being flagged
as spam.

Pure text content is also no longer a good idea. Users - and search engines - now look for a
diverse range of content, including not only compelling, well written text, but also well thought-
out and produced:

Internet memes
Videos and
White papers

Title tags for content - as well as meta descriptions - are also no longer a matter of throwing
a few keywords together. They, too, need to be written well and be compelling if content is to
successfully promote a Website/ business.

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