In order for an online store to be successful, it must contain a certain set of elements vital to attract and retain customers. Read on to find out what these elements are.

Design - Naturally, a shopping Website needs to be attractive and informative. Products should be clearly described via text, quality images and multi-media files (how-to-use videos, consumer testimony videos, etc).

User Friendliness - Aspects vital in consumers' decisions whether to stay and shop/ come back include:

Fast loading times
Accessibility (ease of navigation)
Easy checkout
Easy-to-access help files/ FAQ section

Payment Options - Offering multiple payment options - debit and credit cards, PayPal, etc - is essential, as it offers customers greater flexibility. Naturally, it is vital to ensure payment options provided are secure (one of the many reasons why PayPal should always be offered) and customers' privacy is protected, meaning their personal details - e-mail, shipping address, telephone, etc - must also be kept secure.

Social Media - Social network integration is an important part of most individuals' lives and plays a vital role in online stores' efforts to attract customers around the world and increase the store's popularity.

Incorporating these elements and regularly updating/ enhancing the store in line with customer requirements will result in a booming store customers will favour above others.

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