Have you ever meet problems with your website? Well, perhaps your website is in desperate need of web hosting job.

Today, looking for a web hosting solution for free is an important decision you should tackle. There are so many existing web hosts in which that promise services and options for your web site. With so many choices and options to choose from, it can sometimes be a little bit frustrating for you.

We'll it doesn't have to be that way! Let this article help you find the right and good free web hosting features for your web site:


The bandwidth is the first thing you need to consider. Does your website squeeze the right amount of traffic that goes in and out particularly in your website? When you decide whether your website could store a lot of images or audio, the right amount and storage for bandwidth should properly be considered.

Disk Space

This refers to the storage or space amount assigned in every free web hosting providers. Disk space will help you store a lot of files in your web site (i.e. audio, video, file texts etc.) that could generate traffic to your website.

FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

This protocol could help you transfers website files from your computer directly to the web hosting server and so forth. Using FTP for your website, uploading website files from your computer to the service provider (includes images, multimedia features, etc.) is made easy and possible.


When you decide to have free web hosting provider, it should offer you email services, too! This will help you set up your domain email accounts. Also included are setups or access to your domain and emails to be used for mobile devices.

Website Creator

If it is your very first website you only have limited or perhaps no scripting experience, then all you need to do is look for a free web hosting provider. This hosting service offers free website creating application where you can create or enhance your website by choosing template that you like, adding texts and even images to make it livelier and on the go. Easy, right?

Website Support

In looking for a free web hosting service, you should choose the one with free and reliable telephone or email support for your website to avoid conflicts and problems. Try to browse some free web hosting options and providers for your website and compare each other to see who has the most reliable sources you could use.

Web Hosting Price

When you say "free" this means it guarantees you absolutely no pay for all their basic features. If you see a web hosting providers with banner ads, definitely it's a no-no for your website. It can cause problems in the near future.

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