Certifying and building a green datacenter can be an expensive matter, but certain long-term
schemes for cost savings can be realized on maintenance and operations. Every amount of
planning and execution is worthwhile as green facilities provide a healthy and a comfortable
work environment for employees while also contributing towards sustainable development.
On the top of that, there is increasing pressure from environmentalists and the government
for more green initiatives. These initiatives include providing monetary support required for
the maintenance and creation of eco-friendly technologies. Certain advanced strategies and
technologies are involved in construction of a green datacenter. For instance:

• Virtualization, use of less energy by consolidation of sites into efficient host machines,
permitting decommission of hardware (that is less environment-friendly).

• Using of low voltage, high performance servers to reduce carbon emissions and energy
requirements for majority of the hosting solutions.

Recycle hardware components to reduce disposal of hazardous components.

Encouragement of reforestation projects in and around the server infrastructure.

Several technologies are utilized to realize green datacenters. Thor DC containers employ a
patented and innovative cooling technology developed by AST Modular. It facilitates Thor DC
to run with a PUE (power usage effectiveness) ratio of just 1.07 - lowest on record. The patented
technology called Natural Modular Free Cooling uses a natural cooling process to maintain an
optimum operating humidity and temperature level in the data storage containers.

In each of these data storage containers, two ABB AC500 PLCs (programmable logic
controllers) are present which control and monitor certain critical parameters. Modular, flexible
and scalable, the AC500 PLCs provide more memory and permit better visualization, more
functionality and more precise algorithms than majority of the competing PLCs. These PLCs
provide faster calculations, faster data transfer and faster programming.

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