The elevator pitch - that succinct summary of what exactly it is you do - is a vital part of arousing interest in a potential client/ customer. In terms of Websites, this means it has to grab a visitor's attention within seconds (around 5 to 8 seconds from loading the page) - and therefore has to be good, to say the least. The following pointers should assist in getting it just right.

Hitting the 'Sweet Spot' - Vague descriptions of an industry/ job category will do little to pique interest. Providing detailed information of how it is your product/ services can help a person/ business is far more effective. This does not mean laying out your life story, but including major facts/ points of importance.

Language - Jargon will drive visitors mad - and probably away. Your elevator pitch needs to show that you are human by being simple, in plain English (or whatever language you are catering for) and natural.

Confidence - Never sound like you feel the need to apologise for what you do - or how you do it - and under no circumstances assume that others will not understand/ be interested in what you are talking about. Both will result in turning people away. Instead, assume they are interested and confidently make your point.

Conversation - Try not to create a monologue by simply focussing on answering questions, but involve visitors by asking questions, too. Getting them to think about a question you asked is a good way to pique more interest and may well have them exploring your site for possible answers.

Practise makes Perfect - If your elevator pitch does not seem to get visitors interested, take a close look at it and see how you can improve it - over and over again, until it works perfectly.

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