Anyone with an interest in building Web applications - in particular those that focus on multi-user, real-time communication - should consider taking a closer look at Sails, the brand new MVC Node.js framework created by Mike McNeil and supported by real time Web/ Mobile studio Balderdash.

Built on the well established MVC pattern - a favourite among developers - and the sturdy Express Node Framework, Sails includes an auto-generated JSON API for users' models; the basic CRUD operations are standard for controllers and - to top it all - the system's integrated security measures come in the shape of customisable policies.

Basically designed to be quite similar to the MVC architecture used in popular frameworks - such as, for instance, Ruby on Rails - Sails does, however, also offer support for the data-oriented, more modern approach to Web app development.

Making it easy to create great enterprise-grade, custom Node.js apps, Sails does without a doubt have the feel of a very well made application, and is particularly suitable for the creation of real time features, such as, for example, chat features.

As a whole, this application rewards users' interests and reveals new ways in which to achieve common goals of development and is subsequently well worth checking out - especially when considering the fact that this app is free.

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