Many hosting services offer ASP hosting. To determine whether this is the right solution for your Website, it helps to understand what this actually means.

In essences, ASP is an abbreviation for Active Server Pages. These are basically HTML pages that are embedded with ASP scripts and processed on the relevant server before being sent to users. This allows for the creation of dynamic pages driven by databases. Users are able to access these databases for data and interact with objects on the pages, such as, for instance Java or ActiveX components.

When clicking on a Website or typing a URL into the browsers address box, users are essentially asking the server to deliver a file to the computer. If this is a standard HTML file, the page will look exactly the same as it did on the server when it arrives in the browser. If, however, the requested file is an ASP file, the server will first run the HTML code, followed by the ASP code. This will result, for example, in the current time/ date or other new information being displayed.

When looking for an ASP host, it is essential to ensure the host will host the intended site on Windows 2000 servers, as this provides a more stable platform and most components of ASP work with Windows-specific Internet Information Services (ISS). If a database is used for the site, it is naturally equally important to ensure the relevant database type is supported by the host.

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