As ever increasing numbers of smart phone, laptop, tablet and other mobile device users are taking their Internet use 'on the road', cafes, shops, gyms and pubs, airports (just recently, Aberdeen's International Airport announced they will be offering unlimited free Wi-Fi access to travellers) and an array of other public places are offering free Wi-Fi. But are people really using it? They certainly do in the UK.

According to an estimate by BSkyB's hotspot operator The Cloud, approximately 10 million+ British adults is roughly 22 per cent of the country's entire population) are regularly accessing the Internet via free Wi-Fi hotspots every week. Six per cent (2.8 million) Brits use hotspots on a daily basis.

Split into age groups, this looks something like this:

Age 25 to 34 - 33 per cent
Age 45 to 54 - 19 per cent
Age 55 and over - 10 per cent

Out of these users, around 35 per cent log on for an average of around 15 minutes, while 8 per cent will log on for half an hour or more.

While London has the highest proportion of users (47 per cent), those logging on in Reading, Nottingham, Cardiff and Bristol tend to download more (by around 50 per cent), and users in Sheffield, Nottingham and Cardiff tend to stay online longer than those in London (again by around 50 per cent).

During the first ten weeks of this year alone, users spent over two billion minutes online via public Wi-Fi, with downloads totalling a massive 800 million mega-bytes.

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