When people think of Wordpress, they usually think of it as a blogging platform. When it was released ten years ago, it was just that. And even today it is primarily used for blogging. But, while everybody was signing up for expensive web hosting services and hiring high-paid web designers, Wordpress quietly grew into a website building solution in itself. Without any of the frills and airs, Wordpress allows you to make your own website by simply downloading the software for free. You could go a step ahead by using a domain mapping upgrade. This will extend you your own domain, without "Wordpress" in it, and provide emails for 50 users. You will also need to buy a web host package and a domain name.

If you wish to eschew the typical blog-like endless scrolling format, you can divide your content into many pages. The options for a static homepage can be found under Settings, Reading. Wordpress also gives you templates for this homepage so you don't need to fret over designing details. Just add basics like the website title, like company name, and the most important information you want to highlight. Then you can work on subsidiary pages like "About," "Contact," "Gallery," etc.

Wordpress also comes packaged with many free themes and plug-ins. These will help your website become more attractive and efficient. If you are curious about designing templates, you are welcome to try that. Wordpress websites are already search engine friendly, but there are some free/paid SEO tools that you can add on to your website. Further, for better social media engagement you can add a Twitter or Facebook button or widget. There are also other interesting free widgets like weather or stock market - choose one depending on the subject of your website.

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