VMware is a company that offers virtualization and cloud software. Among its host of products there are desktop software, application platforms, server software, backup and cloud management software and other miscellaneous wares. VMware virtualization software works for a complete set of hardware including hard disk adapters, video adapters and network adapters. This set can then be used by the guest operating system. The guest can also use USB, serial and parallel devices via pass-through drivers. This allows VMware virtual machines to move between many different computers, as the guest cannot tell one host from another. The guest also does not know when the system administrator pauses its operations on the VM, transfers it to another computer and then resumes operations.

Enterprise users can opt for a more sophisticated version of this by installing a feature called vMotion. This tool enables guest VM's to seamlessly transfer from one hardware host to another, as long as the hardware hosts are alike and share the same storage. For varying storage options, users can opt for vMotion Storage. Regardless of the type of service the migration from one host to another maintains 100% transparency as fast as the virtual machine user is concerned.

There are several other types of VMware products. For cloud management, there is vCloud, which combines the convenience of cloud computing with the power of virtualization. Using vCloud, an administrator can set up two levels of hypervisors - internal and external. Users can then enjoy greater flexibility and the freedom to travel between the internal cloud and the external cloud, which operated remotely. vCloud comes in different versions for datacenters, consulting services and API. For individuals, there is vCloud Director, wherein you can voluntarily access cloud services with an individual login. VMware ESX and Workstation are two other popular products by the same company.

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