Running an eCommerce business means you will need to accept debit/ credit card payments from customers, which in turn makes having a payment processor/ merchant account a necessity. If you are not already using PayPal to accept payments, you should seriously consider it - here is why.

Customer Security

Discerning consumers are cautious - and rightly so - about giving their credit/ debit card information to companies - especially if these companies are online, comparatively small and the consumer is not familiar with them.

By accepting PayPal (PP) payments, you provide them with added security, as they do not have to give their personal information to you - or any other small companies they deal with - but only have to provide it once, namely to PayPal. This not only offers them greater protection, but also saves them time.

Variety of Options

Because PP processes payments in several different ways -including directly from consumers' PP balance, bank account e-cheques, credit and debit cards - accepting PP payments provides your customers with a far greater flexibility, which will make you stand out among competitors (in particular those not using PP).

In-Person Payments

There may be times when you need to accept in-person payments - this may, for instance, happen when attending industry-related shows, exhibitions or other marketing events. PP offers a mobile card reader - PayPal Here - that can be used at such events to scan credit/ debit cards, making it possible to accept orders/ payments wherever you happen to be.

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