In your search for a suitable hosting service for your new Website, you have probably come across a selection of reseller services. While this seems to be an illogical idea (after all, why go for a reseller and potentially pay more when you can go straight to a 'real' hosting service?), it does make sense when you look a little closer at what is actually being offered for the price.

The vast majority of resellers add additional features - such as, for instance, Web design, programming, domain registration and/ or other services - that are typically not available from real hosts to their packages. This, of course, adds significantly to the value of reseller hosting services.

In addition, resellers are usually able to establish much more personal, friendly relationships with their clients than real hosting services - simply because these much larger companies tend to focus more on corporate clients and/ or bulk accounts and are essentially too busy to nurture relationships.

All said and done, if you require a host for a simple Website and prefer to get personal assistance with design/ programming and so on, reseller hosting is definitely a viable solution. If, however, you need hosting for a large e-business with several sites, complex e-commerce solutions, high traffic and so on, you would be better served by choosing a real host.

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