Even now, there are many small companies that are undecided as to whether they should
create a Website or not. The answer is extremely simple - yes, absolutely. But why?

To begin with, the vast majority of the population everywhere is now using the Internet. Few
are still consulting their trusty old Yellow Pages to find what they are looking for. 99 out of a
hundred times, they will open Google, type in what they are looking for, and hey presto, they
have a choice. In other words, being online will get you noticed - not just by local consumers,
but around the world.

Then, of course, there is the question of time and cost. Still keeping all your files in a huge
filing cabinet? Are you still communicating with customers via snail mail, sending out copies of
expensive to produce catalogues, leaflets, newsletters via mail? Ahhh, the time it takes to do
it. And the cost involved, well...

Store your files online and you can access them in a jiffy; promote your services and products
online and the world has access to them without paper catalogues; be instantly in touch wit
clients via e-mail or even chat and see your business boom - and your overheads will drop

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