Drupal is a content management open source tool that is free and available to use for web builders. It is written in PHP and it is generally used as a back end system for peoples’ websites all over the world.

For those that want to use the software app that is a bit simpler, they could go with the Standard Drupal Core. It is an easy content management system when you have the option to work with:

Organizing a menu
Customize your page outline
RSS feeds
This application was made available for 90 different languages in 2012 which made it to where people from all over the world could use it. This tool is one that can be used to increase the productivity of your website making it easier for you to maintain it. Some of the other features that are included are:
User profiles
Open ID support
Descriptive URLs
Workflow tools
Different control restrictions
Advanced Search
Modification feature for changing the look of your website
rupal can be used as a forum, brochure site, or multi-user blog. So if you plan to have any one of these websites then this might be the best app for you to take advantage of.