LimeSurvey is an application that was previously known as PHP Surveyor and it is an open source software program available for web developers to take advantage off. This particular program comes in handy for those that are creating survey sites where people can go to take surveys or share their opinions about things. This software creates survey forms in a manner that will allow it to collect information from the people that take it. PHP scripts, MySQL, and MS SQL are used with this software to collect the data.
ne of the main advantages of Lime Survey is that it supplies a good amount of templates for users so that they don’t really have to supply their own. There is also a dashboard where ad number of different features for creating surveys can be found. The dashboard includes:
Setting quotas
Results in a variety of different ranges
The monitoring of surveys
Excel spreadsheets

After the survey has been completed it can be saved and used later on for future surveys which will make the process easier later on down the line. You will definitely save yourself from having to do more work once you save your previous survey format. LimeSurvey is definitely a very useful and professional app to use.