MODx is known as a content management system that is very unique and useful when it comes to hosting and supporting websites. The capabilities of this platform tend to outweigh those of various other content management systems. The support that is offered is very broad and offers a lot which makes it extremely versatile. AJAX is one system support feature that is us well recognized with this platform and with this you can take your SEO modifications to higher efforts. This tool is one that is known to be open source so it can be used by anyone that needs it for free.

With this software you can use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other types of software for the purpose of building your website.

The good thing about MODx is that it is very diverse and even compatible with some of the newest updates of software that comes to availability. Web 2.0 is supported by MODx and it is considered to be the first PHP content management system to be available for free use with API. Users will have the advantage of receiving all support needs from the AJAX programming. AJAX is known to be such an influence on all of the Web 2.0 technology developments.