OpenCart is a system that is based off of MySQL and PHP. It is known to be one of the best platforms that are available to use for websites nowadays. It is called a Great Cart for the development of ecommerce websites. There have been various different updated versions of OpenCart released since the first day it became available. The developers of the platform are always looking for new ways to improve the platform. The interface and setup of OpenCart is created in a way that gives the users what they need for an easy and pleasant shopping experience on websites. Opencart is a safe development and a stable platform that many people can trust to use for their websites.

Currency tends to be a bit different in the way they operate with this platform and this has always been a known issue by the users. There is a need for conversions at times when companies want to transfer money from one country to the next.

OpenCart is not a platform that can only be used in the UK; in fact in can be used worldwide and this is why there are always changes being made to improve it. The architecture of this platform is one that is very appealing and competitive with other platforms.