PhpBB is a very popular type of forum that is used for the purpose of introducing open source software, and making it available for those that own websites. People can go to these forums to find different useful software to help them with web building. These forums also help with keeping up with the maintenance of their websites. PhpBB forums are often used by those that are successful web masters that are looking for the latest technology platforms and software that will assist their needs for a particular aspect of their websites.

One thing that is important is that the software made available will be compatible with whatever company is helping you to host your website. Choosing a host for PhpBB is explained even further below.

When using phpBB all web masters know that Linux hosting is the most compatible for it. Windows would also be compatible as well. However, some of the features of phpBB will not run with a Windows platform. Mod rewrite would be one of those features that do not work with well with Windows. The downside about this is that Mod rewrite is required for a website for SEO purposes.

C panel control panel is another useful feature required by Linux for phpBB.