There are very few companies that have the ability to capture the attention of people from all over the world. Such a website where people are highly connected too and addicted too would include Twitter. This website is a structure where rapid growth amongst people, along with communication has taken place over the past few years. The website alone is not just a ways of communication but it has also given people the opportunity to learn more about the dynamics of how it operates.

The platform that is responsible for such a wonderful operation and exploration of this website is StatusNet. With this application people are allowed to send instant messages to one another by holding live conversations. People that are on that person’s list can follow their conversations and what everyone they are associated with are talking about. StatusNet has been launched for Twitter to offer a clearer and concise way of connecting for people that regularly use the website.

StatusNet was launched for Twitter by a company known as Laconica; this is a Canadian company, and they are offering one of the most popular alternatives for Twitter. This is something that is very new yet exciting for many and it will definitely help to improve the social site in several different ways.