transfer to us Transferring your website to another company may seem quite daunting, you want to ensure that all of your website files and data are safe - that's where Web Hosting UK can help.

If you know that your account with your current host uses cPanel, we can offer you a completely free service to transfer your account painlessly across. All of your emails, web files and so forth, would appear exactly like they were before.

If you know that your account with your current host does not use cPanel, we can still help you move your site across, but this may take our support team a little longer because there are more technicalities involved. We may charge a £29.99 fee for the transfer but this would be waived on our Ultimate hosting package.

If you are unsure whether you have a cPanel account or you would like to know more information about the process, please feel free to contact our support team who will be more than happy to assist answering your questions.

If you feel that you do not require any assistance in transferring your account to us, that's absolutely acceptable. You can use FTP to upload your files to our servers and if you have a database that would need to be added as well, you can import your SQL file via phpMyAdmin. More information on how to do this is available in our help section.

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