Vanilla is a software term that you may or may not have heard used before. Basically what it refers to is barebones software that is created without any previous customizations done to it. There is no way to make such software one that is better or worse than what it already is. It basically stays the same throughout its existence.

Because Vanilla software is one that is customized, that would make it generic. Vanilla software programs generally come with some sort of generic license. The license is used so that users can customize it once they get the program. The original creator will sometimes give the customers permission to sell their versions of the software program. Vanilla software is usually not as expensive as the bigger brands because there are problems that can commonly be found with the features that it has.

One of the main things that cause Vanilla software to stand out amongst the rest is the fact that there are no customized features that come with it. Many similar programs have features that lean towards certain types of online businesses but not Vanilla software programs.

So basically this software is made for any website since there are no features that are for a particular type of website. People can make of the program what they want.